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by on Aug.09, 2010, under General, Poetry

When I walk along the ‘prom’
At home, here by the sea,
The spinning carousel there
Brings such memories to me.

Sometimes, I buy a ticket
Just to ride my favourite mare,
And we gallop back to childhood days,
Where I lived, without a care!

The seduction of the music
The enchanting organ sound.
The sweet intoxication
Of being whirled around.

The vibrant, living colours,
Scarlet, yellow, edged in gold,
Add to the enchantment
And the magic, many-fold!

I become a little girl again,
Wind fluttering through my hair,
I surrender to the feelings
Often hid, but always there.

And if I ride at twilight,
All the horses are aglow
With multi-coloured lights,
Making such a wondrous show.

Then as the ride slows down
And the music starts to fade
I return to present times
Leaving behind the masquerade.

I step down to the concrete path
I’ve had my bit of fun!
It’s back to earth now, with a bump –
Must get the shopping done!

~ ~ ~

I (and my husband, Steve) have been known to do this, and although people give us a wry smile at first, there have been times when they have obviously thought ‘oh what the heck’ and climbed onto one of the horses themselves and had some fun!
It does your soul good to break out once in a while, and do something crazy when the moment takes you….

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Candy Moonstone Fairy

by on Aug.09, 2010, under Children's, Poetry

One bright and breezy morning
Young Candy started out,
A tender little fairy
Of that there was no doubt.
She craved for an adventure,
She wanted sights to see.
She didn’t fancy being stuck
On someone’s Christmas tree!

She donned her wings of best pink down,
Two stars adorned her feet
(She thought that moons would slow her –
She needed something fleet!).
She fluttered softly through dark space,
Until a light she saw.
A blue-green jewel spinning there,
Her eyes widened in awe!

That must be Earth, she gasped with joy,
A wonder to be seen!
She fluttered down onto the ground
Into a meadow green.
There she espied a little girl,
Good and pretty as could be.
But she’d been told that fairy folk,
These humans could not see.

She fluttered close to take a look,
And then to her surprise
The girl looked up and said ‘hello’
She couldn’t believe her eyes!
My name is Jessie, said the girl,
Have you come to play with me?
As she reached her hand out gently
Candy landed there, with glee!

They played all day, they made some tea,
Had a picnic with the dolls,
Some teddies joined them later,
And a gnome and two green trolls!
All too soon, came time to leave,
Both girls had to get home.
Candy flew back to the moon,
Leaving Jessie all alone.

But she wasn’t sad or lonely,
Candy promised to return.
She left a gift of silver stars
And a little rhyme to learn.

It went:
‘Candy Moonstone Fairy
Please come visit me today,
This is your friend Jessie,
And it’s time to come and play’.
She said ‘hold the stars within your hands,
And say the rhyme, times three.
This unlocks the gate between us,
It’s a special kind of key’.

So Jessie is the happiest little girl
In all the land,
She has her secret fairy friend,
And they both understand
That dreams and wishes can come true
If only you believe,
And magic is around us all
For lovely spells to weave.

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Scared of the Dark

by on Aug.09, 2010, under Children's, Poetry

Two pointed ears
At the end of my bed…
A monster is waiting
He needs to be fed!
I peer through the dark
And quite clearly I see
Those big scary ears
Are twitching at me!

As the moon rises
Behind a dark cloud,
The ears move again
And I scream out loud!
Then the silvery light shows
That what I suppose
Is a big hairy monster –
Are only my toes!

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by on Aug.09, 2010, under Poetry, Spiritual

A house so full of memories…

We began our dream here, as newly-weds,
Amongst the paint-pots and dustsheets.
I can see her now, young and spirited,
Dressed in my old torn shirt, hair tied high,
So beautiful.

As time passed us by, this place became home,
Filled with the aromas of fresh baked bread
And percolated coffee.
And she would sing, always a little off-key,
And give a little chuckle if she caught me listening.

All of that was a lifetime ago…

Now here, in our bedroom, our sacred space,
Where she made me promise never to forget her,
I wait, in the knowledge that she will come to me
As she always does, around this time.

She will walk through that doorway,
A vision in white, her long hair flowing.
The sadness almost tangible.
And, although her heartrending cries haunt me,
I refuse to shut them out.

Aching to hold her close, for one last time.
I still reach out, to touch her,
But there is no substance.
An ethereal nothingness.
Each night is both ecstasy and torment!

Time heals, they tell us,
But since I died,
Her sorrow has seemed infinite…

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Dear Easter Bunny

by on Aug.09, 2010, under Humorous, Poetry

I’m applying for the vacancy,
Because I’ve heard you’re sick.
A poor bedridden bunny,
The thought cuts me to the quick!

The ad says ‘must be sensitive’
And ‘able and agile.’
‘Must have a sense of humour
And a natty fashion style’.

‘Must be able to look bunny-like’
Well I sure have the teeth!
As for ears, I’m sure they’ll stretch,
And for the ‘underneath’…

Hey, my feet are size eleven
And I have wonderful legs!
And as for my bunny skills,
You should see me juggle eggs!

I’ll need transport from coast to coast
Fast as the speed of sound
So like every clever bunny
I will use ‘the underground’.

Oh please consider me
When choosing your replacement.
(My bunny suit is airing
On a hanger in the basement).

For your answer I’ll be waiting
With wild anticipation.
I can be your bunny double,
That is no eggsaggeration!

~ ~ ~

This was written for a competion on where we had to write a poetic application to stand in for the Easter Bunny, who was in hospital!

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Digital Art ~ some of my dabblings in the virtual studio!

by on Aug.05, 2010, under Art, Digital Art

Abstract Me

Ethereal Journey  ~  Journey On…

Faerie Washing

Softly in the waxen light
Through silver hush
Of eventide
The faeries hang their clothes to dry
Deep in the woods
No need to hide
For mortal folk are all asleep
No prying eyes
Will see them glide
Wings fluttering in stardust hues
On moonbeam rays
They seem to ride…

Life-Force  ~  Unstoppable Law of Attraction

Heart  ~  Strong enough to last a lifetime, yet so easily broken

Mind Leak  ~  One day the mind-seal was broken, and it all came fluttering through…

Pearls of Destiny

Words;  how they can change lives – restoring or destroying the balance of what is…
Use them wisely!

Twilight Wishes  ~  Make a Wish as the Moon Rises

Butterfly Dream  ~  Multicolour torment or Delight?  Hearts and Wings, keep on beating…

Where the sun don’t shine  ~  Down at the bottom of the garden, under the apple tree, beside the fence…

Journey  ~  Where from?  Where to?  For how long?

Reflections  ~  Dreams and Longings

Dreamshadows  ~  An extension of one of my many colourful dreams

Fay  ~  The Fay hold the secrets of the forests and the flowers, brightening the lives of all those fortunate to meet them… a beautiful enigma…

Wash Away My Sins  ~  Not wishing for a new beginning, just some life editing tools to erase the marks where the flies have been…

Acceptance  ~  Just to remind myself…

Life’s Manic Roundabout  ~  Feel the spin…

Just Me  ~  A slightly darker view






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Celebration Cake

by on Aug.04, 2010, under Vegan Delights (Recipes)

This is the easiest cake in the world to make and it tastes just as good if not better than ones with ‘animal bits’ in.  It can be used as a Christmas or birthday cake etc, but doesn’t keep forever like ‘traditional’ fruit cake – so just make it one or two days before you need it.


1½ lb (675g) mixed sultanas, currants, raisins
2 Tbs olive or walnut oil (some people prefer to use 3 Tbs)
12 oz (350g) 100% wholemeal self-raising flour
1 tbsp (15ml) molasses (or black treacle)
Grated rind of 1 lemon
¾ pint (450ml) water
2 tsp (10ml) ground mixed spice
3oz (75g) raw brown sugar
3 tbsp (45ml) sherry


Grease and line a 7½ inch (19cm) round cake tin.

Place all the ingredients, except the sherry, in a basin and beat well until evenly mixed.

Pour into a tin and bake at 150c (300f or Gas mark 2) for about 2 hours, until risen and firm to the touch.

Allow to cool slightly in the tin then spoon the sherry over the cake and leave in the tin until completely cold.

 Decorate with almond paste and/or icing as desired!  Easy!

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Spirit Art

by on Aug.04, 2010, under Art, Spirit Art


Around 1997, I began to sketch faces.  I had no idea at the time where these images were coming from – all I knew was that I just had to draw them right there and then, when the image came into my mind.

I would draw them on envelopes or scraps of paper, even the backs of bus tickets (the first one recognised was on the back of a bus ticket – by a stranger!).  More often than not, as the features began to emerge on the paper, any person watching me sketch or doodle would comment that the drawing was the image of someone they knew or had known, and usually the person in question had passed to Spirit!

I had recently started to attend our local Spiritualist Centre in Salford, and had just joined an awareness class there, along with my daughter, Fay.  Being new to all of this, I knew nothing about Spirit Art (or Psychic Art) at that time.

I mentioned what was happening to the group leader, Beraka, who encouraged me to try drawing whilst in some of the open circles and the awareness class circles to see if it would develop. 

To my amazement, picture after picture was recognised by the people around me as I began to tune in more and more with my wonderful Spirit Guides! 

Many people who took their pictures home with them would return the following week with actual photo’s of the sketched person, to show to the rest of the group.

Often the person in the drawing would come through much younger than they had been when they passed over, so it was lovely to see any photo’s of them at that stage of their earthly lives too.

I began to work on platform alongside different Mediums, who would work at giving messages as usual and then also sometimes present a picture to the recipient too, which was really nice.

I would like to take this opportunity to publicly thank all of the people who have helped me along the way so far to enable this amazing process to be developed – all those at Salford Centre for Spiritualism – especially Beraka and Fred Kent, the late Joyce Fry at Bolton Spiritualist Church, Kevin West at Waterloo Spiritualist Church and now Tina & Stephen Parfitt and all our new friends at Pathways in Southport!  Also to my wonderful husband Steve and my children, Fay, Danny and Joe for all their encouragement.

I especially send thanks to all the Spirit Guides who bring the pictures through to me, and to those who have literally guided my hand through the whole process.

I feel very, very blessed to be able to be a channel for this wonderful energy to be used, as it brings so much comfort and joy to those whose loved ones come through in this way.


Spirit Art

In the silence I wait
for your touch,
eyes closed,
mind open.
You take my hand,
leading pencil across paper.
As in some strange and mystic darkroom
the features emerge,
slowly, precisely…
Your loved ones wait,
in tearful anticipation,
for the proof
that you live on…

Following are a few of the many drawings done over the years.  I will probably add to these at some time in the near future.




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Forward Motion with a Sideways Shift

by on Aug.04, 2010, under Poetry, Spiritual

To My Mam

Seventeen moons have bloomed and faded
Since your progression
Seventeen moons
With the thrum of life echoing
Through this hollow carapace
That was once sanctuary

Myriad thoughts constantly ricochet
Against the hard edges
Of this five-decade crone
Though impotent fury still lines the walls
Of the corridors of memories
Leading in
Leading out
Muting the blethering babble
Of an egocentric society

Your imminence swathed in shrouds of serenity
Holds back the engulfing tides
The honouring of your counsel
Slowly restoring buoyancy
In the boundless ocean of being

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by on Aug.04, 2010, under Poetry, Spiritual

Amourphous tendrils
Silken, clinging,
Through souls memories
Chanting, singing,
Sentient thoughts
Transparent, shining,
In visual realms
Auras entwining.
Unconditional, always there…
Timeless love
For all to share.


Meditation – the souls warm, candlelit bubble bath at the end of a stressful day!
Note:  The word ‘Amourphous’ was coined by singer Tim Booth from the band James, and means ‘changing shape, yet held by love’. It’s a merging of the words ‘amour’ from the French, and the word ‘morph’.

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