Some of my favourites

The Player

I used to be a member of a group of authors in Lancashire, who organise an annual competition on behalf of Hayward’s Heath Movie Makers.  The challenge is to write a story suitable to be made into a short film.  There must be no exotic locations, and the film must be no more than six minutes long. A different theme […]

L.A.A. Song

L.A.A. Song I used to be a member of a Lancashire writing group, and until recently, was assistant competitions secretary (I had to step down due to family commitments). A couple of years ago, the group found itself without a treasurer and a secretary, and for a short time, other members of the committee had to temporarily stand in, until […]

Vegan Cupcakes

    Dry Ingredients 1 and 1/4 Cups flour 1 cup sugar 1/3 cup unsweetened cocoa powder for chocolate cakes, OR same amount of dessicated coconut for any other flavours. 1 slightly rounded teaspoon of baking powder Pinch of salt   Wet ingredients 1 cup of water 1 teaspoon essence (your choice) 1/3. Cup vegetable oil 1 teaspoon vinegar. – […]


 A few of my favourite guided meditations…  Golden Light Healing Meditation This is a healing meditation exercise which I was taught a few years ago by one of my Healing Teachers, Albert. You don’t need to be ‘ill’ to try this – it is amazingly refreshing and uplifting. I hope you’ll give it a try!  ~~~~~~~ Sit or lie down […]

Balloony Art

One of my hobbies (used to be my job) is twisting balloons into weird and wonderful creations.  I used to have an application on Facebook called ‘Balloony Gifts’ where I twisted balloons and then photographed them, sometimes fitting them into pictures or just making pictures of them by themselves. Facebook no longer hosts those kinds of apps, so sadly, all […]


Here is a portal sent through time, From the future or our past? Time is a loop, An eternal ring, Never ending – Yet cannot last. From somewhere beyond, We may know someday, Or conversely, never see. Our limited brain comprehends, not yet, What our past, and our future have been. The stones hold the secret To immortal life, We […]


The warmth and comfort of my small world Seem far and distanced and out of reach My complacent mind was shaken awake As that narrow tunnel I began to breach. As colours swirled and sounds merged in, I heard the ‘midwives’ voices say Now here’s the head, we’re almost there, One final push – she’s on her way. The thunder […]


I came here from Salford Where the only thing ‘soft’ is the water. (Oh how I miss that sweet water) The Salford I knew and loved Was fast disappearing Under masses of ugly concrete facades, And incomers – The druggies, ex-cons, And the mothers who couldn’t care less About anything else But where the next fag, and can of beer […]


Hush… Sshhh! They’re here. Don’t breath, Don’t even move. Watch, there! As they flutter With the breeze, Into the room. Be still, wait! You’ll see Their small Transparent forms. Amazed, you’ll see Such beauty As the room Transforms. Quiet now, As they hover, Savouring The flowers. Listen, As they chant, Using Their powers. Ahh they’re gone! They left, As swiftly […]


As the sun peeps through the heavens, We unfold our petals bright, Stretching in the early morning, Reaching out to taste the light. Dewdrops rest on tiny petals, Heaven sent, our thirst to slake. Purest water, welcome sunshine, Nourished now, we’re wide-awake! Trembling in the breeze, you’ll see us As we smile to cheer your day, Nestled in amidst the […]