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by on Aug.05, 2010, under Art, Digital Art

Abstract Me

Ethereal Journey  ~  Journey On…

Faerie Washing

Softly in the waxen light
Through silver hush
Of eventide
The faeries hang their clothes to dry
Deep in the woods
No need to hide
For mortal folk are all asleep
No prying eyes
Will see them glide
Wings fluttering in stardust hues
On moonbeam rays
They seem to ride…

Life-Force  ~  Unstoppable Law of Attraction

Heart  ~  Strong enough to last a lifetime, yet so easily broken

Mind Leak  ~  One day the mind-seal was broken, and it all came fluttering through…

Pearls of Destiny

Words;  how they can change lives – restoring or destroying the balance of what is…
Use them wisely!

Twilight Wishes  ~  Make a Wish as the Moon Rises

Butterfly Dream  ~  Multicolour torment or Delight?  Hearts and Wings, keep on beating…

Where the sun don’t shine  ~  Down at the bottom of the garden, under the apple tree, beside the fence…

Journey  ~  Where from?  Where to?  For how long?

Reflections  ~  Dreams and Longings

Dreamshadows  ~  An extension of one of my many colourful dreams

Fay  ~  The Fay hold the secrets of the forests and the flowers, brightening the lives of all those fortunate to meet them… a beautiful enigma…

Wash Away My Sins  ~  Not wishing for a new beginning, just some life editing tools to erase the marks where the flies have been…

Acceptance  ~  Just to remind myself…

Life’s Manic Roundabout  ~  Feel the spin…

Just Me  ~  A slightly darker view






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