When I walk along the ‘prom’ At home, here by the sea, The spinning carousel there Brings such memories to me. Sometimes, I buy a ticket Just to ride my favourite mare, And we gallop back to childhood days, Where I lived, without a care! The seduction of the music The enchanting organ sound. The sweet intoxication Of being whirled around. […]

Candy Moonstone Fairy

One bright and breezy morningYoung Candy started out,A tender little fairyOf that there was no doubt.She craved for an adventure,She wanted sights to see.She didn’t fancy being stuckOn someone’s Christmas tree!   She donned her wings of best pink down,Two stars adorned her feet(She thought that moons would slow her –She needed something fleet!).She fluttered softly through dark space,Until a […]

Scared of the Dark

Two pointed ears At the end of my bed… A monster is waiting He needs to be fed! I peer through the dark And quite clearly I see Those big scary ears Are twitching at me! As the moon rises Behind a dark cloud, The ears move again And I scream out loud! Then the silvery light shows That what […]


A house so full of memories… We began our dream here, as newly-weds, Amongst the paint-pots and dustsheets. I can see her now, young and spirited, Dressed in my old torn shirt, hair tied high, So beautiful. As time passed us by, this place became home, Filled with the aromas of fresh baked bread And percolated coffee. And she would […]

Dear Easter Bunny

I’m applying for the vacancy, Because I’ve heard you’re sick. A poor bedridden bunny, The thought cuts me to the quick! The ad says ‘must be sensitive’ And ‘able and agile.’ ‘Must have a sense of humour And a natty fashion style’. ‘Must be able to look bunny-like’ Well I sure have the teeth! As for ears, I’m sure they’ll […]

Digital Art ~ some of my dabblings in the virtual studio!

Abstract Me Ethereal Journey  ~  Journey On… Faerie Washing Softly in the waxen light Through silver hush Of eventide The faeries hang their clothes to dry Deep in the woods No need to hide For mortal folk are all asleep No prying eyes Will see them glide Wings fluttering in stardust hues On moonbeam rays They seem to ride… Life-Force  […]

Celebration Cake

This is the easiest cake in the world to make and it tastes just as good if not better than those with ‘animal bits’ in.  It can be used as a Christmas or birthday cake etc, but doesn’t keep forever like ‘traditional’ fruit cake – so just make it one or two days before you need it.   Ingredients                         1½ […]

Spirit Art

  Around 1997, I began to sketch faces.  I had no idea at the time where these images were coming from – all I knew was that I just had to draw them right there and then, when the image came into my mind. I would draw them on envelopes or scraps of paper, even the backs of bus tickets (the […]

Forward Motion with a Sideways Shift

To My Mam Seventeen moons have bloomed and faded Since your progression Seventeen moons With the thrum of life echoing Through this hollow carapace That was once sanctuary Myriad thoughts constantly ricochet Against the hard edges Of this five-decade crone Though impotent fury still lines the walls Of the corridors of memories Leading in Leading out Muting the blethering babble Of […]


Amourphous tendrils Silken, clinging, Through souls memories Chanting, singing, Sentient thoughts Transparent, shining, In visual realms Auras entwining. Unconditional, always there… Timeless love For all to share. ~ Meditation – the souls warm, candlelit bubble bath at the end of a stressful day! Note:  The word ‘Amourphous’ was coined by singer Tim Booth from the band James, and means ‘changing […]