A few of my favourite guided meditations…

 Golden Light Healing Meditation

This is a healing meditation exercise which I was taught a few years ago by one of my Healing Teachers, Albert.
You don’t need to be ‘ill’ to try this – it is amazingly refreshing and uplifting.
I hope you’ll give it a try!


Sit or lie down comfortably.

Ask, either out loud, or from within, for protection from all negative energies.

Allow your breathing to settle into an easy rhythmic flow.

Imagine/visualise your whole body is filled with dark, grey, cloudy water. This water represents all your problems, stresses, worries, health concerns, pain etc.

Now imagine/visualise a beautiful golden energy, a light source sent from the angels through the universe. This light and energy surrounds you, so that you are cloaked and comforted by its presence.

You begin to absorb this energy, through the top of your head, allowing it to flow through your whole being.

Feel the energy flowing through you, from top to toe. Be aware as it trickles through to your shoulders down to your fingertips… down your spine, through each part of your body and into your legs and feet.

As the golden light enters through the top of your head, the dark liquid holding all your pain, worries and fears is forced out through your feet and the light and energy begin to force out the negativity from within you.

Feel this happening. Visualise/imagine the goodness pouring into you, and the badness draining away. Sense the powerful healing energies filling your entire being with this amazing golden glow.

Allow this process to continue, taking whatever time you need, until every drop has been replaced with the angelic energy.

Every single drop of negativity has now been flushed through you and away from you, and has been replaced with this wonderful golden glow.

Mentally seal in this energy, both at your head, and your feet, allowing for it to ‘breathe’ but not to spill out.

Now you are transformed. You glow from within with beautiful healing, peaceful, loving energy.

You have accepted the gifts of love, healing, peace and tranquillity.

Give thanks for these wonderful gifts.

You are receiving Healing

You are Beautiful

You are Loved

You are Calm

You Are