Candy Moonstone Fairy

One bright and breezy morning
Young Candy started out,
A tender little fairy
Of that there was no doubt.
She craved for an adventure,
She wanted sights to see.
She didn’t fancy being stuck
On someone’s Christmas tree!


She donned her wings of best pink down,
Two stars adorned her feet
(She thought that moons would slow her –
She needed something fleet!).
She fluttered softly through dark space,
Until a light she saw.
A blue-green jewel spinning there,
Her eyes widened in awe!


That must be Earth, she gasped with joy,
A wonder to be seen!
She fluttered down onto the ground
Into a meadow green.
There she espied a little girl,
Good and pretty as could be.
But she’d been told that fairy folk,
These humans could not see.


She fluttered close to take a look,
And then to her surprise
The girl looked up and said ‘hello’
She couldn’t believe her eyes!
My name is Jessie, said the girl,
Have you come to play with me?
As she reached her hand out gently
Candy landed there, with glee!


They played all day, they made some tea,
Had a picnic with the dolls,
Some teddies joined them later,
And a gnome and two green trolls!
All too soon, came time to leave,
Both girls had to get home.
Candy flew back to the moon,
Leaving Jessie all alone.


But she wasn’t sad or lonely,
Candy promised to return.
She left a gift of silver stars
And a little rhyme to learn.


It went:
‘Candy Moonstone Fairy
Please come visit me today,
This is your friend Jessie,
And it’s time to come and play’.
She said ‘hold the stars within your hands,
And say the rhyme, times three.
This unlocks the gate between us,
It’s a special kind of key’.


So Jessie is the happiest little girl
In all the land,
She has her secret fairy friend,
And they both understand
That dreams and wishes can come true
If only you believe,
And magic is around us all
For lovely spells to weave.