Balloony Art

One of my hobbies (used to be my job) is twisting balloons into weird and wonderful creations.  I used to have an application on Facebook called ‘Balloony Gifts’ where I twisted balloons and then photographed them, sometimes fitting them into pictures or just making pictures of them by themselves. Facebook no longer hosts those kinds of apps, so sadly, all […]

Digital Art ~ some of my dabblings in the virtual studio!

Abstract Me Ethereal Journey  ~  Journey On… Faerie Washing Softly in the waxen light Through silver hush Of eventide The faeries hang their clothes to dry Deep in the woods No need to hide For mortal folk are all asleep No prying eyes Will see them glide Wings fluttering in stardust hues On moonbeam rays They seem to ride… Life-Force  […]

Spirit Art

  Around 1997, I began to sketch faces.  I had no idea at the time where these images were coming from – all I knew was that I just had to draw them right there and then, when the image came into my mind. I would draw them on envelopes or scraps of paper, even the backs of bus tickets (the […]