The Player

I used to be a member of a group of authors in Lancashire, who organise an annual competition on behalf of Hayward’s Heath Movie Makers.  The challenge is to write a story suitable to be made into a short film.  There must be no exotic locations, and the film must be no more than six minutes long. A different theme […]

L.A.A. Song

L.A.A. Song I used to be a member of a Lancashire writing group, and until recently, was assistant competitions secretary (I had to step down due to family commitments). A couple of years ago, the group found itself without a treasurer and a secretary, and for a short time, other members of the committee had to temporarily stand in, until […]

Digital Art ~ some of my dabblings in the virtual studio!

Abstract Me Ethereal Journey  ~  Journey On… Faerie Washing Softly in the waxen light Through silver hush Of eventide The faeries hang their clothes to dry Deep in the woods No need to hide For mortal folk are all asleep No prying eyes Will see them glide Wings fluttering in stardust hues On moonbeam rays They seem to ride… Life-Force  […]