Hush… Sshhh! They’re here. Don’t breath, Don’t even move. Watch, there! As they flutter With the breeze, Into the room. Be still, wait! You’ll see Their small Transparent forms. Amazed, you’ll see Such beauty As the room Transforms. Quiet now, As they hover, Savouring The flowers. Listen, As they chant, Using Their powers. Ahh they’re gone! They left, As swiftly […]

Candy Moonstone Fairy

One bright and breezy morningYoung Candy started out,A tender little fairyOf that there was no doubt.She craved for an adventure,She wanted sights to see.She didn’t fancy being stuckOn someone’s Christmas tree!   She donned her wings of best pink down,Two stars adorned her feet(She thought that moons would slow her –She needed something fleet!).She fluttered softly through dark space,Until a […]

Scared of the Dark

Two pointed ears At the end of my bed… A monster is waiting He needs to be fed! I peer through the dark And quite clearly I see Those big scary ears Are twitching at me! As the moon rises Behind a dark cloud, The ears move again And I scream out loud! Then the silvery light shows That what […]