Dear Easter Bunny

I’m applying for the vacancy,
Because I’ve heard you’re sick.
A poor bedridden bunny,
The thought cuts me to the quick!

The ad says ‘must be sensitive’
And ‘able and agile.’
‘Must have a sense of humour
And a natty fashion style’.

‘Must be able to look bunny-like’
Well I sure have the teeth!
As for ears, I’m sure they’ll stretch,
And for the ‘underneath’…

Hey, my feet are size eleven
And I have wonderful legs!
And as for my bunny skills,
You should see me juggle eggs!

I’ll need transport from coast to coast
Fast as the speed of sound
So like every clever bunny
I will use ‘the underground’.

Oh please consider me
When choosing your replacement.
(My bunny suit is airing
On a hanger in the basement).

For your answer I’ll be waiting
With wild anticipation.
I can be your bunny double,
That is no eggsaggeration!

~ ~ ~

This was written for a competion on where we had to write a poetic application to stand in for the Easter Bunny, who was in hospital!