So, where to now?
For the final time, our tempers
Turned around to take a bite.
Senseless accusations leaped
From me to you, and back again,
Generating so much pain,
Another row!
What have we done?
For here I stand without a life.
Mocked by this tired reflection
In the exit door.
Through trembling lips
The question hangs, then slips –
Who won?
This time we lost it all!
There’s now no turning back
To eat my words, make you eat yours.
I stand alone
Steeped in this unearthly chill,
The sirens’ echoes fill
This empty hall.
Which kind of death is worse?
Whose staring eyes conceal more pain?
Those seeing from the outside in, or inside out?
It’s time to leave,
Taken now from where we are.
One travelling in a prison car,
The other in a hearse.