L.A.A. Song

L.A.A. Song

I used to be a member of a Lancashire writing group, and until recently, was assistant competitions secretary (I had to step down due to family commitments).

A couple of years ago, the group found itself without a treasurer and a secretary, and for a short time, other members of the committee had to temporarily stand in, until people came forward to fill these positions.  A letter was sent out to all members, stating the urgency of the situation, and asking for people to help by applying for the positions if they were willing and able to do so.

The letter went on to say that it would be a terrible shame to lose the group after it being in existence for over a hundred years, purely for lack of members being able to come forward to help with organisation.

The call for help was eventually answered by two members, and things quickly returned to normality.  The issue, thankfully, was resolved!

The letter however, sent shockwaves throughout the membership.  “No writing group?” ” What do you mean, it could fold?  This can not be allowed to happen!  What on earth is going on?”

I have to admit that my own reaction was one of shock!  So much so, that within an hour or two of receiving that letter, I wrote a song about it, intending to play it at the very next meeting, as a tongue in cheek call to arms, to stir up the membership, and hopefully help in the recruitment process in a light-hearted way.

I contacted a talented friend of ours, Craig Madox, and asked if he would either sing it for me live, or make a recording that could be used.  He went the extra mile for me, and tweaked  and improved the melody too.  I think he did a fantastic job!

Thanks Craig – you are a star!

Here it is:  (Press the play button)



It was near on dinnertime, when the postman, all sublime,

dropped the great big bombshell through my door.

As I opened up the post, I don’t know who yelped the most,

Me or the dog, who was lay there on the floor.


The letter set a task as the baleful question asked

Who will don the cape and the blue tights?

Come on, who’s good with money, or taking notes, hey it’s not funny,

this bit of Lanky’s turning out it’s lights!


Because your LAA is folding, there’s no-one to do the jobs,

no treasurer, and no secretary.

If no-one now steps forward quick to join our superheroes,

a hundred years of writing will be history!


So a gathering has been called, all the members are being hauled

to a meeting of the type extraordinary,

where the question will be asked, come on, who’s up for this task?

Who will take a bite of the cherry?


The committee work so hard, being the LAA’s home guard,

and have kept us all afloat throughout the years.

They’ve been through thick and thin, to fail now would be a sin,

They need our help, before it ends in tears.


Will there be another verse, or much, much worse,

will no- one step up to save the day?

Please don’t let it end here, because that’s our biggest fear,

A world without our precious LAA!