Some of my favourites

Spirit Art

  Around 1997, I began to sketch faces.  I had no idea at the time where these images were coming from – all I knew was that I just had to draw them right there and then, when the image came into my mind. I would draw them on envelopes or scraps of paper, even the backs of bus tickets (the […]

Forward Motion with a Sideways Shift

To My Mam Seventeen moons have bloomed and faded Since your progression Seventeen moons With the thrum of life echoing Through this hollow carapace That was once sanctuary Myriad thoughts constantly ricochet Against the hard edges Of this five-decade crone Though impotent fury still lines the walls Of the corridors of memories Leading in Leading out Muting the blethering babble Of […]


Amourphous tendrils Silken, clinging, Through souls memories Chanting, singing, Sentient thoughts Transparent, shining, In visual realms Auras entwining. Unconditional, always there… Timeless love For all to share. ~ Meditation – the souls warm, candlelit bubble bath at the end of a stressful day! Note:  The word ‘Amourphous’ was coined by singer Tim Booth from the band James, and means ‘changing […]

The Visit

  She came, As promised… Trailing silken, gossamer strands Of every hue, Each leaving behind A deliciously perfumed blessing. From pure white petals of jasmine To the scented woody aroma of patchouli, Each amourphous tendril Softly stroking, Bringing peace And tranquillity To my chaotic mind. Wings dark as night Brushed through my dreams. A multicoloured planetarium of delights, Gently spinning, […]

Paradise Waits

I remember… Falling.            .               .           . through time and space ~ falling tumbling spinning ~ Our world collapsed crumbled and we fell.                   .                . Where did you […]


As ice assuages fire inside my heart, And all my years experience fade to dust, My dreams and yearnings take on coloured hues, As iron, when decaying, turns to rust. Of all the lessons learned while in this life, The brightest one to shine within my soul Is love, it’s guided everything I’ve done, Enriched my world, and healed, and […]

Silenced Citrus!

There I was, In the blazing sun, Thinking my life had just begun. When this big brown hand Pulls me out of my tree, With no apology Or by your leave! Well! My world Changed Forever! I was squashed in a crate With the lid nailed down! And we rode in a lorry Through the middle of town, Till we […]

The Sad Tale of Polly O’Rennick

At the foot of the hill she gathered her wits, She wanted that pixie – she loved him to bits. She flitted around drinking nectar from flowers, To pluck up the courage – she’d been trying for hours! The nectar was sweet and hallucinogenic, And that little fairy (named Polly O’Rennick) Was soon on her way to being high as a kite. […]


Meandering through These inner depths, Mystified still, At the wonder of it all… Velveteen heart-thrum setting the scene For a lifetime Of stumbling chaos. Flying… Surviving this far, Amazing feat! Realisation dawns Of my own mortality. Sifting through layers Of occurrences – Incidents, accidents, ‘happenings’ Gliding… Oh, so much heartache Reaped throughout the years! The pain of loving Grasping at my […]

Veganism ~ Soul Food

How can you say you’re trying to spiritually evolve, without even a thought about what happens to the animals whose lives are sacrificed in the name of gluttony?”Oprah Winfrey (on her blog, June 2008)   My main thought on living a vegan way of life is that I have no wish to cause any creature to suffer and die in […]