Silenced Citrus!

There I was,
In the blazing sun,
Thinking my life had just begun.
When this big brown hand
Pulls me out of my tree,
With no apology
Or by your leave!
My world

I was squashed in a crate
With the lid nailed down!
And we rode in a lorry
Through the middle of town,
Till we came to the docks
And we saw the big ships.
Got loaded in the hold
(Nearly crushing my pips!)
We were all squashed in

Then I ended up
On a market stall
Got squished and squeezed
(Why do people maul
The items they’re buying,
The way they do?)
Well this customer came –
Said ‘I’ll have a few’
Then stood talking about
The weather!

So here I am
In this fancy bowl
On a polished table
Thinking ‘what’s my role’
When this kid walks up
And reaches out,
Picks me up in his hand,
And I want to shout
As he opens his mouth


Directors Note:  No oranges were harmed in the production of this poem!

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