The Visit


She came,
As promised…
Trailing silken, gossamer strands
Of every hue,
Each leaving behind
A deliciously perfumed blessing.

From pure white petals of jasmine
To the scented woody aroma of patchouli,
Each amourphous tendril
Softly stroking,
Bringing peace
And tranquillity
To my chaotic mind.

Wings dark as night
Brushed through my dreams.
A multicoloured planetarium of delights,
Gently spinning,
Through my soul.

And love,
So powerfully pure,
To inundate my senses,
Saturating all my fears!
Trickling quietly,
Slowly building strength,
Then thunderously flowing
Through my spirit,
Flooding out the wells of pain,
And ultimately brimming from my eyes.

I had called.
Her hushed whisper echoed in reply…
‘Go to your place of peace.
Shut out the clamour of the world.
Reach into the silence
For my presence,
And wait’


She came, as promised


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